Transport Data Initiative Update

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The Transport Data Initiative is a transport authority-led forum supported by industry specialists in the public and private sector. The forum, which is free to attend and takes place quarterly, aims to:

  1. promote co-operative working between authorities and encourage the breakdown of barriers/silos
  2. disseminate information about leading edge transport technology by bringing transport authorities and industry specialists together
  3. help authorities to develop innovative solutions to transport challenges

Our inaugural event at the Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes attracted more than 60 people from the public and private sector and set the scene for future TDI forums by investigating the challenges which transport authorities face, and the technological developments which seek to address these. Our second forum, in Birmingham in October, was attended by 80 delegates, and our last event in Manchester, attended by 96 delegates and built on the successes of Milton Keynes and Birmingham, with working groups established to develop some of the ideas which emerged from our forum workshop sessions.

Since its launch at the Transport Systems Catapult, the Transport Data Initiative has steadily grown, with a dedicated working group set up to develop the ideas generated from the interactive workshops sessions which are a hallmark of our events. Our third event in Manchester, which focused on the Internet of Things and its implications for the transport space, was attended by 96 delegates and had the first Internet of Things showcase, where organisations from the public and private sector will demonstrate their products, services and projects which make use of emerging IoT technologies.

TDI#4 – Edinburgh

Our fourth event in Edinburgh is well on track and set to be our biggest yet, with a expected attendance of more than 20+ different local authorities, and a wide array of key industry players from the public and private sector.

We are busy putting together an agenda that addresses the main suggestions brought forward in our last Forum, and will be circulating it very soon.

Ideathon - June 2017
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