What is oneTRANSPORT?

In today’s connected world, travel experiences are often fragmented.

oneTRANSPORT is a collaborative research and development initiative that extends the smart city concept to enable local authorities and transport operators to enhance their transportation services using a combination of data sharing and an innovative business model, thereby unlocking new external financial resources and their own underutilised transport data.

The £3.5 million project, co-funded by Innovate UK, will span two years laying the foundations for smarter transport networks in the UK and internationally.

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Why is oneTRANSPORT needed?

oneTRANSPORT will be a key enabler in helping to address transport issues, including congestion and air quality.

The project will facilitate a better overall travel experience for the citizen and help improve the delivery of public transport services, both within the local area and nationwide.

The project also aims to ‘unlock’ traditionally ‘closed’ channels of data, enabling multi-modal transport information (such as live information about rail delays or traffic jams) to be easily published by  data owners through personalised services.

Once published, this data can be accessed nationally by transport authorities, application developers and others to develop new, improved and more efficient services for travellers.