Concept Map Application: Live demonstration video

Concept map application demo synopsis:

Concept map application demo, showing the capabilities of the oneTRANSPORT platform. The video shows Owen Griffin (InterDigital) narrate and guide through the developed concept application using WorldSensing FastPrk parking sensors for the in-video demonstration. The concept application shown within the video displays data coming from Buckinghamshire County Council integrated into the platform and displayed within the platform.

A live version of the demo displayed in the video showcasing the concept application will be displayed at future events where oneTRANSPORT is in attendance. Check the events section of the blog to see the next events being attended by the oneTRANSPORT team and follow the Twitter page to see where live demo’s will be carried out next.

Follow the oneTRANSPORT YouTube to check out other videos constructed by the project team. For any observations/ queries on the demonstration involving the concept application, get in contact with us using the form on the top of the website, or social media commenting.

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