oneTRANSPORT Ideathon is back!


How can data-driven solutions expand rapidly nationally and internationally whilst minimising costs and becoming discoverable? This is only one of the problems oneTRANSPORT is addressing.

oneTRANSPORT is creating an open marketplace for data and data services based on open international standards for the Internet of Things. This growing framework is
intended to offer more control to data publishers at a reduced cost, and at the same time enable new discoverable and interactive distribution channels for solution providers.

The ideathon brings together authorities and solution vendors to innovate in a way that regional needs are effectively addressed, while offering a new distribution channel for fast
adoption of products at national and international scales.For the ideathon, oneTRANSPORT is looking for solutions that can use or benefit from a combination of multiple datasets offered through an open marketplace. The most stimulating solutions and ideas will be presented at the beginning of the event to form multi-sided groups that will either co-create more elaborated solutions or polish initial ideas into commercial offerings. All the final solutions will be pitched to a judging panel at the end of the day. Prizes are available for a number of categories and of which will follow in due course.

The judges will thoroughly look at the impact of the final solutions in areas such as:

  • Social impact;
  • Improved mobility and air quality;
  • Local and national economic growth; and
  • Cashable and non-cashable benefits to involved local authorities and businesses.

The judging criteria will not only take into account these areas of impact, but will also
consider how the solution:

  • Links to the open marketplace to create innovative services.
  • Helps the open marketplace to be sustainable in the future.
  • Creates an inclusive service.
  • Ensures and maintaining quality of data and service.
  • Becomes transferable across regions and countries.
  • Breaks down data ownership and usage siloes while maintaining control.
  • Manages data assets that are managed by third parties in an open marketplace.
  • Enables opening of currently locked data assets from authorities.
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