Intial hackathon challenges released


With only a few weeks left until the first oneTRANSPORT hackathon, a set of initial challenges have been released to interested developers.

Event Challenges:

The Introductory presentation on Saturday 29th October will discuss the initial challenges and introduce general oneTRANSPORT challenges. Developers can choose to address initial, general, or a combination of both challenges.

A data list of the available datasources will be released 2 weeks prior to the event

Challenge 1 – Journey time thresholds

Journey times on the road network around Silverstone fluctuate throughout the day and whether there is an event at the time. This means that defining the thresholds for an acceptable journey time vary is a difficult process, as an acceptable journey time can be different at different times. By using the historic data from around the Silverstone circuit, the challenge is to provide thresholds for acceptable journey times in non-event and event conditions

Challenge 2 – Minimum number of MAC address matches

Bluetooth sensors used MAC address matching to determine journey time routes on a network. For a journey time to have any significance, there needs to be a level of matches recorded in order to determine the route. By using raw Bluetooth data, the challenge is to create a system to determine journey times in a network, setting a minimum number of matches required per route to determine a journey time

Challenge 3 – Event experience

Visitors to Silverstone often try to leave events early or late to avoid the potential queues. With users getting limited information about the potential journey times were they to leave the venue at a certain time. By developing a prototype application, the challenge is to develop a way (using site specific information) to showcase the effect of leaving at certain points of the day and promote visitors to stay within the site to avoid potential delays

Challenge 4 – Long term planning

New housing developments and repurposing of land causes a large shift in the traffic pattern in an area. With future trends showing more housing developments being built, there is a need for authorities and agencies to better understand what the impact will be. By using the future developments, the challenge is to forecast the journey times within the vicinity of the development in 10 years’ time

Challenge 5 – Road Closure Management

Road closures have a significant impact on operators on a road network and those using the network. Advanced warning of a closure can inform users of an alternative route. Using the real-time road closure information the challenge is to promote alternative routes to a venue.



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