First oneTRANSPORT hackathon

The weekend of 29-30 October saw the oneTRANSPORT project host their first hackathon, the first in a series of events planned to be held over the duration of the project.

The event saw over 80 people sign up to participate, with local universities well represented amongst the registered participants. With over 40 people attending at various points over the weekend to participate in various aspects of the event. The event even saw observers fly in from France to understand the process of hosting such an event and the capabilities of the data available within the oneTRANSPORT platform.

The solution presentations took place on the Sunday afternoon, with prizes available for winners including Arduino Internet of Things Starter Kits and ‘Lewis Hamilton’ Mercedes F1 Remote Control model cars. Judging the presentations was external industry experts with a history of involvement in hackathon events, the judging panel consisted of Rafael Cepeda (InterDigital), Andy Emmonds (Transport for London) and Kieron Arnold (Satellite Applications Catapult).

The solutions presented included prototype applications for Silverstone to use for the Grand Prix, a data quality assessment of the historical data that was made available and a review of historical Bluetooth journey times data to determine optimal journey times. The winning solution came from Matthew Hall (Tracsis), who looked at car park activity to determine when there are peaks in traffic exiting/ entering the car parks and the journey times as a result of the peaks.


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