oneTRANSPORT at 11th ITS European Congress

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oneTRANSPORT will be discussed in a Special Interest Session at the 11th ITS European Congress to be held in Glasgow in June 2016. The session entitled ‘Open Data: Improved Services resulting from Public and Private Sector Collaboration’ will feature presenters from project partners InterDigital, Buckinghamshire County Council and Arup, as well as presenters from Dublin City Council, Nicander and Atkins.

Moving towards connected transport systems and services, platforms for open data will become increasingly important and indeed essential in order to facilitate seamless journeys.This session will focus on the obstacles that authorities face when opening up transport data; whether legal, physical or financial, and the services that can be delivered through private sector collaboration to make best use of open data. This session aims to disseminate learning, promote best practice and understand how the private sector can collaborate.Looking to the future of mobility, the session will identify aspirations for open data and the perceived obstacles to achieving these aspirations, including solutions being implemented currently as well as innovative ideas in the progression towards the Internet of Things (IoT).Debate around other innovative ideas and thoughts will follow, around which the panel and delegates will discuss the practicalities and implications.

Further details regarding the Special Interest Session will be shared when the full schedule is published for the congress. Please get in contact with us if you would like to attend or have an interest in becoming involved in the SIS or any future events.

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