oneTRANSPORT – an open, standards based approach to Smart Cities

oneTRANSPORT is unlocking a new generation of Smart City benefits across the UK. Isolated and inaccessible data about the real-time operations of towns and cities across the UK is being opened to organisations that can exploit this information to provide new insights, improve decisions and build intelligent services that significantly improve citizen quality of life.

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oneTRANSPORT has been operating as a trial service since October 2015, supported by InnovateUK and led by a consortium comprising Local Authorities, Transport industry experts, Internet-of-things technology providers and thought leaders in big-data and analytics.  This web site provides information on the oneTRANSPORT vision, history, trial activities, consortium partners and trial project achievements.

We are working hard to open up oneTransport Open Data Marketplace as a commercial service, open to all, from the 4th quarter of 2017. InterDigital Europe will be running the new, expanded service and are now signing up organisations wanting to publish, consume or offer services around real-time smart city data across the UK.  To learn more about how you can get involved in oneTRANSPORT, Click here


Lighthouse cities around the world are realizing huge value from the implementation of Smart City concepts.  New sensors and internet-of-things systems, generating real-time data about city operations at ever lower costs, are enabling a far greater understanding about how urban regions operate and where opportunities lie for new and improved services and greater efficiencies. Cities including Singapore, Barcelona, Copenhagen and London are demonstrating that aggregating data into city data platforms unlocks new urban insights and applications.

Step outside these lighthouse cities, and an even larger opportunity exists ; intelligent use of real-time data in smaller towns and across regions could revolutionise transport, social care and our impact on the environment, but a very different approach is needed.  People regularly travel between regions using multiple modes of transport, social services are delivered across regions and infrastructure planning considers economic activity along geographic corridors, spanning multiple jurisdictions. Bespoke, Mega-Smart-City systems aren’t optimized for the towns, suburban and rural regions where most people live.

A closer look reveals that individual Local Authorities actually hold a significant amount of valuable data about how their respective towns and regions are behaving.  Town Halls own data on local transport network operations, car park occupancies, air pollution, planned infrastructure works, patterns of citizen activity, and more.  Much of this data is very under-exploited, as each regional authority uses the data primarily for the monitoring or delivery of very specific local services. Further, this data sits in closed individual systems across the UK, inaccessible even to neighbouring regions.

The oneTRANSPORT vision is to unlock this hidden, silo’d data that resides in a myriad of closed systems across the UK. oneTRANSPORT is making this real-time data available in a single open, standards-based system, enabling innovators, researchers, transport operators and smart businesses to discover new insights and to invest in new Intelligent Transport Services that can realise benefits to citizens across the UK regions, whilst preventing vendor lock-in to a single commercial solution.


oneTRANSPORT provides an open, standards-compliant platform that both public and private sector organisations are using to publish their data, where it can be discovered and consumed. Data owners can “publish once, distribute to many”.  And organisations can consume city and transport-related data that was previously inaccessible or too disparate to be accessed economically.

oneTRANSPORT is investing in the exploitation of previously hidden and silo’d data, revealing new opportunities for services that can improve citizen-based services and better manage the movement of people and goods.



Over £1Billion of value could be unlocked in the UK over the next 5 years, through the sharing and improved exploitation of internet-of-things city data across the UK regions.  This value can be realized through :

  • Improved efficiencies in the use of transport infrastructure – for example by better matching transport services with changing journey requirements
  • Improving citizen journey decisions, reducing congestion and associated lost time – for example through providing better real-time parking services
  • Reducing the negative impact of the movement of people and goods on the environment – for example through enabling route planning applications to consider real-time air pollution limits.
  • Enabling better infrastructure planning – for example through deeper insight into travel patterns and the impact of changes and disruptions.
  • Greater integration of transport, health and social care operations – for example by improving transport efficiencies in health and social care delivery.

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oneTRANSPORT is being developed by a consortium comprising Local Authorities, Transport industry experts, Internet-of-things technology providers and thought leaders in big-data and analytics. For further details, please contact :